Friday, October 13, 2017

Week 6

We celebrated safety week this week!  On Tuesday we took a trip to the fire station to learn about all the ways Yarmouth's firefighters keep us safe.
On Thursday we walked to the police station to learn more about all the different ways the Yarmouth Police Department keeps us safe.
We've made HUGE progress with our reading stamina this week!  Students are successfully reading to themselves, reading to partners, and completing text-to-self connection sheets for each book they read!
We created a larger than life vermi-composting bin in the hallway to teach our school community more about how wonderful worms are!
In math we've been practicing adding combinations of 10 through a variety of games and number activities.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Week 5

All of the first grade teachers and students came together to build the first grade vermi-composting bin!  Then, we got to observe some red wigglers up close as we learned about worm anatomy.
In math we've been working on and sharing our strategies to solve number stories.  Some strategies include:
Counting on
Using the turn around rule
Using a number grid
Drawing it out
Counting back
Punching it out

We've really upped our stamina in readers workshop this week!  Students have been practicing reading just right books on their own and with a partner.

We had our first whole school community meeting this week!

Friday, September 29, 2017

One Month in First Grade!

Here are some of the happenings in room 108 this week!

As part of our recycling and vermi-composting unit, we visited the school garden at YES.  Students went on a scavenger hunt, watered plants, harvested veggies, and picked lemon balm.
In readers workshop we are still working on building stamina to read long and strong.  Along with that, students are practicing previewing books before reading and retelling stories (or facts) after reading to aid in comprehension.  Please encourage your child to retell stories that are read at home too!  The book can be a story they read independently or one read to them.

In writers workshop we've practiced giving each other feedback on pieces of writing and revising stories to add more detail.
We spent a lot of time this week using number grids during math.   Rolling For 50 is a great way for students to practice counting up and back on a number grid at home.

Friday, September 22, 2017

week 3

We visited Mr. Street at the Yarmouth recycling center this week to learn more about recycling and composting in our community!
In math, we've been making tallies, creating charts, and exploring the math tools we will use this year!
We've been working on adding details to our small moments stories in writers workshop.
The students created and illustrated a thoughtful set of rules for our classroom!
We welcomed fall by working together to make a leaf wreath from leaves collected on the playground during recess!